Services and Capabilities

Capability Statements

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) provides a range of data monitoring, numerical and physical modelling and technical services in the fields of water and the environment, with a particular focus on the coastal zone.

Data Collection

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) has been a leader in environmental data capture and presentation via the internet since the early 1990s

Marine & Coastal Studies

Our studies address issues such as beach fluctuations and shoreline recession, sand drift, coastal inundation and ocean overwash.

Flood & Estuary Studies

MHL's capabilities cover the full range of tasks required to carry out flood and estuary process studies from data collection to numerical modelling and analysis.

Physical Modelling

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) has been constructing and testing physical models of water infrastructure projects since the 1940s.

Numerical Modelling

MHL has a broad collection of numerical models backed by extensive experience in their application to flooding and water circulation processes in rivers, estuaries, oceans, lakes and hydraulic structures.

Laboratory Testing

With dedicated laboratory facilities for testing (including NATA accreditation in relevant areas), MHL can test water meters, pipes, valves and other water related structures.